The Six Supplements Most People May Need To Take Regularly

Wednesday, March 06, 2024

Nourished Blog/The Six Supplements Most People May Need To Take Regularly

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Some of the most commonly asked questions I have from my clients are: “What about supplements? Should I take them? Which ones and how much?” “What are you taking and why?”

Supplements may not always be necessary, but when they are, they can make a huge difference in your healing journey.

it’s important to always check with your healthcare professional before getting on a supplement program. The best way to know whether you need to be on a supplement is to consult with a professional.

That being said, in functional nutrition we focus on meeting nutritional needs via real food first. This is what we call Tier 1.

There are many reasons why someone might need to supplement their diet: Functionally, there may be digestive issues, special needs regarding food sensitivities or a number of dysfunctional issues that may require a person to supplement their diet.

Supplementation is what we call Tier 2. In tier 1 the focus is getting the person to eat the most nutrient-dense food possible and making sure they’re digesting and absorbing it and metabolizing it properly.

So, let’s say that we have done that and we’re now ready to look at tier 2 and the possibility of supplementation. Where do we start?

Our Needs Are Different. We are Unique.

In functional nutrition we need to recognize everyone is unique and our needs are all different, depending on our age, health, and many other factors like stress and disease conditions.

However, there are 5 supplements the majority of people can benefit from, at one time or another.

Please consult your healthcare practitioner before taking any supplement. This is for education purposes only. I’m not your nutritionist and I’m not able to give you medical advice.

Our Soils Are Depleted

It’s pretty much a given that our soils are depleted and our food is deficient in nutrients, even if your diet is pristine.

The supplements most of us can benefit from in our society, due to the poor soils and the widespread use of processed foods, combined with the low intake of organic vegetables and clean sources of food:

1. A high-quality multivitamin, without iron.
Iron can be toxic in large quantities, so I take a multivitamin without iron. If I were low in iron I would look for sources of iron in my diet, and if I needed a supplement I would look for an organ complex supplement first. This is a supplement that uses organ meats as the source of iron.

2. Magnesium.
Magnesium is a mineral used in over 400 chemical processes in the body. If you have constipation; if you can’t sleep or if you get leg cramps, you’re probably low in magnesium. I use magnesium glycinate, which is very well tolerated by my gut and it helps me relax at night.

3. Omega 3 Fatty Acids.
Our diet is high in omega-6, which is found in many processed foods. We need a higher ratio of omega 3: omega 6 in our bodies. The opposite is what we see in most people when measured. I chose an Omega 3 supplement that guarantees it’s clean from contaminants like mercury.

4. A high-quality probiotic.
Helps me balance my gut microbiome and supports my immune health. I look for one that is well-tested.

5. Liposomal Vitamin C.
Our environment is high in toxins that come in water, air, pesticides and personal care products. Vitamin C is an antioxidant and it helps us get rid of free radicals and toxins, which contribute to the aging process. Vitamin C is a must for most people and it supports immune health.

6. Vitamin D3 plus K2
I have my doctor check my vitamin D every six months. It’s crucial to know our vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is a hormone and it affects not only bone health, but also immune health. Be sure to take vitamin D3 plus vitamin K. Check with your doctor if you take blood thinners. Everyone has different needs.

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