Some Client Success Stories

Welcome to my Client Community, where you can share your Nourished successes with others who are traveling a similar path. I hope you will find inspiration here in the words of those who like yourself are prioritizing their health and holistic wellness. I would love to hear your story and share it here as an encouragement. You might also like to join my Facebook group for connection and engaging discussion of nutrition and health.

Kimberly has found asthma relief, and relief of painful joints, and now has meds reduction goals.

"Before the program I thought I was just getting old with joint pain, increased fatigue, and shortness of breath. Monica’s program is a no-gimmick individualized program that gets people craving naturally healthy foods to enrich their lives. Learning about the ups and downs of blood sugar levels and the importance of eating healthy fats to maintain a consistent blood sugar level has been life changing! Reducing dairy in me and my husband’s life has really helped my asthma and increased our ability to breathe. Cutting out or modifying gluten (yes, I like a good pizza!) has caused the toxins to seep out of my body!

​I find it fun to figure out how to make old recipe favorites healthier. Really any recipe that is worth eating can be modified and can taste the same. I have also learned the benefits of eating a vegetable based smoothie, so I can get in all of those vegetables we’re all supposed to eat every day!" - Kimberly U.

​How Walter discovered new energy and increased mental clarity in just 7 days!

"Before the "Nourished 7-Day Fall Cleanse" I was not aware of how food affected my body systems and how toxins and inflammation can reduce my energy level and weight loss. I believed I was eating a balanced diet that would help me achieve my goals and keep me fit. Through the "Nourished 7-Day Fall Cleanse" I learned how sugar, food sensitivities and toxins are present throughout the environment and in our food. The best lesson I learned was to think of food as medicine. How the things we eat can change the way our body feels and reacts. This seems like a simple statement until I participated in the cleanse. Since following the diet and self-care plan, I have experienced a noticeable improvement in how I feel. I am more energetic throughout the day and less fatigued during activities. My digestion has improved and my skin is much clearer. I feel more focused and alert; not cloudy and confused. This has been a great experience that I would recommend to anyone. If you are thinking about learning how to make helpful lifestyle changes that will improve your overall health and well-being , this is an excellent way to get started. This has been a life changing experience and I am so very fortunate to have discovered it. Monica made the process easy to adopt."
- Walter G.

​Tami's Story: The proof is in the numbers!

"I started working with Monica several years ago. I had followed a low-fat diet my whole life. When I had some in depth blood work done, I found that my inflammation markers were up and needed work. My mom has Alzheimer’s and I was determined to do what I could to prevent it and inflammation is a big component. Monica taught me about the wonderful uses of healthy oils. I got on a very good fish oil everyday but more importantly, I started using. olive oil, avocado oil and coconut oil. My body loved it. My brain felt clearer and my joints felt better. She has coached me in getting a lot more vegetables in my diet.

I actually really like vegetables but I was often too tired to prepare them when I was done working. Through Monica’s awesome dinner cooking classes I learned great options for having vegetables ready to either cook or reheat with no fuss. I set time aside during the week to chop and prepare and then I get healthy meals. Monica also is a realist and knows that her clients are going to need sweet things too. She always includes healthy sweet options to satisfy that craving. She teaches all about healthy options, but also not so healthy options and has given me information and websites to do my own checking. Monica cares so much about me and all of her patients. She is a huge cheerleader and will do whatever it takes to help her patients feel better. She also empowers me, and many others, to take responsibility for our own choices and health. I teach Pilates and hosted many anti-inflammatory cooking classes for my clients at my house. My clients loved the classes and got so much out of them. Every class was full, and still is, with a waiting list. The food is delicious and each person gets to help prepare dishes and take recipes home. It is a night of fun and Monica shares her incredible knowledge with us and provides wonderful notes. The proof for me is all in the #’s. A year after making much better choices with my food, I redid my blood tests and my #’s had greatly improved and my inflammation markers were normal. I am a results-oriented girl so this was huge encouragement to keep up these great changes. I feel so blessed to work with Monica and take control of my future."
- Tami Parker - STOTT Pilates Certified / NeuroKinetic Therapist

Alma's Story: Autoimmunity into Remission!

"I have been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition that needs a very special diet; I didn’t know what to do and was overwhelmed with how I was feeling. I had anxiety, lack of energy, brain fog and a lot of pain. I was unable to move my arms and take care of my daily activities. I consulted with Monica Paz because I didn’t know how or what to eat. She is taking care of me and my nutrition to relief my illness, showing me how to eat the right foods. She showed me how to take care of my body by providing me with information on improving sleep, digestion issues, how to calm my nervous system and how to alter my way of dealing with anxious thoughts. I'm feeling amazing with more energy and even my skin looks great. Also, I’m taking a strong medicine that could damage my liver and kidneys. She has recommended a variety of vitamins and supplements that help to protect my body against side effects. Every month I have to do blood work and so far, everything is going well. I’m so grateful for Monica’s help. I give Monica my highest recommendation." - Alma H.